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Guy's Ship

Guy was floating in nowhere, a vast expanse of stars, in the middle of space. Stars that he could see.

A dream.

A man in a coat stood a few feet away, looking at him. Waiting for him to speak.

Guy's lips formed words. Then he spoke outloud.


The man replied.

"That is my name."

Guy's lips formed a snarl. "Did you know this would happen?"

The man did not answer.

"You brought us together. Did you know this would happen?"

The man replied, sadness in his voice. "I cannot see the future. That is your talent."

"Not anymore it isn't, you bastard. My visions are gone. And you know it."

He paused and stared at the man some more.

"Last time I saw you, you said I was 'blind'. What was that? Some kind of sick joke? Did you know my sister would come along out of nowhere and burn my goddamned eyes out with a magic torch?"

The man sounded even sadder. "I meant that as a warning. You are a seer. You always focus on the future. You nearly ignore the past and more importantly, the present.

"It is because of this that you did not become aware of what your family would do. Because of this you did not see that you would be found out by the other Shadows. Because of this you could not effectively help your friends at the Third Gate."

"But did you know what was going to happen?"

Silence. Guy glared.

"Who are you?"

The man gave no answer.

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