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Voice to Matt: What are you looking for?


Asgardried: Cargo Hold

*Gerd bounds up a ramp into the main cargo hold where she is greeted by Heimdall and Svafa*

Heimdall: Hello little one.

Gerd*excitedly*: Hello, Idun said you had something for me.

Heimdall*smiling*: Yes, it's in that cabinet. *He points to a nearby storage cabinet*

*Gerd runs over and hits the control panel. The cabinet door slowly slides to the side revealing a suit of Mithril armor. Gerd stares at it for a second before taking out the curiass.

The armor was the same design of Heimdall's, Svafa's and Idun's. Except this one had more knot work in it*

Svafa: I didn't think we had enough Mithril aboard to make another suit.

Heimdall: We didn't, at least not until the twin's suits were destroyed. I used some of that Mithril to make a suit for Gerd.

Idun*who had just walked up*: That is very kind of you.

Heimdall to Gerd: Well, dear what do you think of it?

Gerd: I love it, it is beautiful. Can I put it on now?

Idun *glancing at Heimdall and Svafa*: I don't see why not. Svafa and I will help you put it on.

*Svafa and Idun pick up other pieces of armor and escort Gerd into a nearby storage room for some privacy. A couple of minutes later Gerd emerges once again into the hold clad in her new armor. She runs up to Heimdall and hugs him. Svafa and Idun shortly follow her out.*

Gerd: Thank you. I love this.

Heimdall: Let me look at you.

*Gerd backs up and Heimdall slowly circles her.*

Heimdall: I don't know something is missing, what do you think Svafa?

Svafa: Yes, something is indeed missing. *THis part Heimdall did reveal to her on their way down*

Gerd: What, what is missing?

Heimdall: This *he walks back to the cabinet that had housed the armor and from a top shelf pulled out a cloa.and sets it around Gerd.* There, I think that will do. You are now a proper member of the crew.

Gerd: Oh...oh thankyou.

*Out of the corner of his eye, Heimdall saw a light begin to blink*

Heimdall: I'm sorry but we need to run *motioning towards Svafa.* I hope you enjoy your gift, goodbye sweetie.

Svafa: I'll see you later tonight for more sparring. Have fun.

*Heimdall and Svafa walk with a hurried pass out of the cargo hold and towards the bridge. On their way the pass Matt and just give him a backwards glance. The door to the bridge silently opens for them and quickly shuts as soon as they are inside*

Idun: Come on Gerd, let's walk around a little so you get used to the armor.

*The two head out of the Cargo hold to continue their earlier walk*

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