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Wakes up, and looks around. Head spins.

Hi, guys. I'm back. It's been a while, hasn't it?

You can blame Redwing for my return, and the craziness, destruction, fornication, instigation or [insert your own random action here], that will doubtlessly ensue.

First off, a bit about myself.

I am, as you can already tell, Superthrawn. Something like two years ago, I took part in a small, almost trivial little RPG called Cantina 6; Return of the Dead Guy. (If I remember right.) Anyway, from there, my character Katani Kas was frozen in time, or something to that effect, and I started a new, small, almost trivial spinoff RPG, called Postlude to Holocaust. That's the game you're playing now, by the way.

Anyway, shortly after Holocaust began to take off, school started for me again, and I moved away from RPing, in large part because I didn't have, nor want to make the time.

However, I've now graduated high school (and am moving into college on thursday), and time is back. I stay up later, I don't have to be in class as much, and work isn't so bad. So, I'm playing again, like I said, thanks to Redwing, who is a good guy.

So. I'm back. Just to let you all know.

Now, on to the actual Role Playing.

He was covered with blood. That's the only thought that could stick in his head for too long. Blood. Sticky blood. Runny blood. Red blood. It was disgusting.

He was tall, for his species. Tall, and to be honest, rather good looking, in a regal sort of way. He had short, silky white hair that fell back from a pronounced forehead. His eyes were a deep black, and his nose, while normal for his race, would be considered a bit long for a human. He had but three fingers and three toes on each of his two fingers and two hands. His mouth was filled with small, but sharp teeth.

I only tell you these things because, had you seen him, you would have noticed none of them. You would simply have noticed the fact that he was covered with blood. And maybe the fact that he was a mouse.

Now, I'm sure you're questioning why exactly this particular mouse was covered with blood, and why on this particular spaceship. It's not that things getting covered with blood was anything new on this spaceship, for this was the spaceship Asgardried (Insert dramatic musical tones.)

However, no particular violence had been used to cover this mouse with blood. No, this blood had come from a very unfortunate accident.

Ritchet (That was his name, at least in this dimension) wasn't an ordinary mouse. No, he was rather the particular manifestation this universe chose to display upon an interdimensional being.

And that's what Ritchet was, an interdimensional being. (Has everyone picked up on that, yet?) His was a particularly powerful race from a dimension that was, unfortunately, far away. In his own dimension, Ritchet was practially a god. He had huge, bulging muscles, could manipulate minds and objects with but the barest of thoughts, and kill people with Thunderbolts. Yes, actual Thunderbolts.

Ritchet had spent time in this universe before. He'd been the captive of a small girl on some godforsaken planet. He hated it here, to be honest. He was small, and unpowerful. However, he had agreed to go on a particularly dangerous and harrowing mission. He'd failed miserably. So, he was sent here by his father, in order to attempt to redeem himself.

Unfortunately, he'd managed to find his way into this universe through the now dying body of an unfortunate girl by the name of...Josine. Yes, that's what they medical charts displayed in holo above her head said.

He shrugged. Father loved to play tricks like that on what he called the "lesser creatures." He'd kill them in the strangest ways. Ritchet had managed to find himself buried in the center of the now dead girl, and her body had a very tough time coping with the fact that a mouse had just materialized in the center of its chest, and decided to send chest fragments off to different corners of the room to think about what had happened.

So, he'd killed a girl. Excellent start to the evening. He decided to try moving about this universe one more time, and had a remarkable amount of luck.

Grend couldn't believe her eyes. Seemingly out of nowhere, a mouse had materialized with the sound of a small pop, and dropped the few feet to the ground, hitting hard. Then, she couldn't believe her ears.

"Pardon...can you help me?"

The mouse was talking.

"Space is big... really big. I mean, you wouldn't believe how vastly, hugely, incomprehensibly big it is. You may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist, but that's just peanuts to space." The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy
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