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Heimdall: I'll help you. Asgardried, please open the door.

*The door slides open and lights turn on revealing Matt inside a small room filled with cleaning supplies. Heimdall looks at the room and Matt.*

Heimdall: Matt, please come out of our cleaning supply closet.

*Turning to Irvine(Sir-vin)*

Heimdall: Your apprentice here was found trying to sneak into the areas of the ship we restricted. Now it would seem he was doing this on his own because he was bored.

When you brought him aboard you said you take full responsiblity for him. As such were normally the punishment for this act would fall soley on him, you get to share in it as well. Since this is the first offense I'm just cutting rations for one week for both of you. If you wish to punish him further, it's entirely up to you.

*turning towards Matt*

It is obvisous that your Master didn't tell you that the ship is aware of everything that goes on inside of it. You try to gain access to any of the restricted areas again with out our permission and the ship will probably do far worse then lock you in a closet. Won't you?

*Heimdall montions towards the ceiling where a hatch slide open and a turrent dropped down.*

Asgardried *same voice that spoke to Matt*: Yes I will, I might just show him some home movies and bore him to death.

*The turrent retracts up into it's housing and the hatch closes again, blending right in with the rest of the ceiling

Heimdall: That is enough. Irvine, I suggest your next lesson be focused teaching your student some patience....

Asgardried: I'm sorry to interrupt, but Josine has just expired rather violently. I have sealed the room off and have some droids examining the area. I'll report as soon as I find any information.

Heimdall: Thank you. If you'll excuse me.

*Heimdall leaves and heads back towards the bridge*

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