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for starters, thats a pretty lame point to my first number. shows that you couldnt get anything to counter it. and once again, its circular. You say I got banned for what? flaming, lynk called me a bastard. for what? harrassing link? zbomber told me to kill myself. theres another thingu guys say I got abnned for, but I cant remeber. and for one, its not a theory, its different for everyone. I never said it was a theory. Some are good forumers and good mods, some are neither. You're the one who assumed it was a theory, your bad there. and I would probably make a bad mod, thats why when asked who I'd want to be a mod, I didnt include myself. but theoretically, if he did, you would look the other way. and sensible? check out his current sig.

EDIT- for one, it diod make me think, my thoughts that I display now are correct, and you just refuse to see them. just because they differ from yours, you think they are wrong. and I already told you how to stop this arguing so no one has to get banned (me meaning no one) but you obviously dont care, meaning despite what you said, you dont care whether I get banned. oh, and even u guys can admit, I bring some excitement to these forums. I have a good sense of humor, and a good mind fo debating and such, which is why every1 missed me when I was banned. 'where is yabyginn?' where is yaeb' I dont wanna get banned, but if I go down for my beliefs, then I go down as a martyr.
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