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what do you have against me?
Is it that I have different opions? or what?

I have yet to see any plausible reason to find my sig offensive, I see no explicate language in my sig.

and no, they would ban me for putting mods R gay in my sig, because it is obviously a negative terminology. If I/you truely meant mods r happy, I/you would put that.

I suggest you just deal with the fact that you have no logical argument anymore. Your constant harrasment and provocation in threads incites ad hominem remarks, you ask for it, thus we can't necessarily blame anyone for it, but we try to make sure it doesn't happen. Sometimes people slip through the cracks. I find it odd you think a president doesn't have to be perfect yet a mod should.

yes, because being a martyr on the internet is such a big deal and such a courageous thing

how courageous of you to anonymously stand up for your beliefs and suffer for them *rolls eyes*

“This body is not me. I am not caught in this body.
I am life without limit.”
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