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what harrassment? please explain. how have I harrassed you guys? and your sig is offensive to me because it features subjects you shouldnt publically talk about. if you disagree, go to your mom right now and say whats in your sig. real loud. or maybe say it loudly at the supermarket. or to everyone you come in contact with. cause everyone you come in contact with on these forums sees your sig. and some are offended by it. if my mom looked over my shoulder and saw ur sig, she'd think less of you. she wouldnt know you, but what you broadcast, makes other, more mature people, think less of you.

EDIT- and my original point was to ask questions ,but once again, they made it into a debate. I said that I find insane siths sig offensive, and they made it into a debate, as they do with all my threads. republicans come here? normally a haven for republicans to check out some funny sites. usa successor? just asking which you think will lead next. think about it. and there is no important point in being a martyr online. but I'd rather be banned for that, then be banned for cussing, or posting porn. and it didnt always be like this. once Et and insanesith came onto these forums, all hell broke loose.
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