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Whatever. This is getting really friggin' ridiculous. It's pretty goddamn obvious that you're just going to keep disagreeing with us for the sake of disagreeing, just to stir up trouble. That's the bottom line. That's why you got banned. Can't remember that other thing? Ask Jed. I think he clearly outlined that for you.

And just shut up with all this 'martyr' claptrap. It's just a friggin' forum, for Chrissakes. You act like some poor, persecuted minority while you're nothing but a troublemaker.

Your thoughts differ from pretty much everyone's standard of sane, logical thinking. So it's not just me.

And believe me, this forum would be better off without you. No one needs you to be here to have fun and discuss things. And your sense of humor is pretty convoluted if you can't take jokes aimed at you. I could've easily rebut your statement about Lynk, but I decided to have a little fun. Whoops. Okay, here it is in plain English. You like to pick on Lynk because he called you a bastard. Whoopdeedo. That's pretty much the only flame argument you've got going for you. And it's piss poor too. You made him seem like he was just saying that out of spite when in actuality, you left out the background behind Lynk's statement. Convenient, eh?

I'm just sick and tired of this.

Bull**** you started this thread for questions. You started it to incite conflict, like you always do.
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