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he wasn't temp banned because we disagree with him, we've stated why he was temp banned, please be quiet about it now.

Jed and Lynk are supermods, they survey every forum. They are also the ones called in when a banning is called for. Puredemon was a troll and a banning was called for, his threads closed and he was IP banned. Yaebginn harrassed TK in one of those threads even for doing his job, another reason he was temp banned.

"There is spam everywhere you look (ex: that goes unnoticed. The only threads that get moderated are the ones that are bold enough to say that our mods suck."

it's not that the threads are shut down because you say mods suck, it's because you have poor arguments to support your claim and when we prove how we were doing are job you come back to making ad hominem remarks and pointing fingers at others.

As you can see that thread was closed down, you have to realize this is an international forum therefore the factor of time zones comes in, kthxbai.

and I see no sign of a powertrip.

All I see is your trollish remarks trying to form some form of a revolt against LF. If you find things so unfair why don't you leave? this is the advice you give to those that speak against america, why don't you do the same since you find it so horrible at these forums.

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