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Originally posted by VanLingo
P O W E R T R I P [...] TK, it's no wonder you were made a mod -- you're nose is the same color as Jed's skid marks! [...] is the Mod Squad just a GURLZ ONLEE club that vacations for two weeks at a time? [...] The only threads that get moderated are the ones that are bold enough to say that our mods suck.
Vanlingo, you have violated one or more rules of Consider this a warning to cease.

Originally posted by VanLingo
This forum is an absolute wreck.
If so, then it is one being perpetuated by posts and attitudes such as this one. Cease you hostile attitude in public with mods or be banned. Should you have legitimate grievances, utilize the PM function to alert Supermods or Administrators. Should you feel that resolution is not forthcoming, perhaps it would be best for you to discontinue your visits to LucasForums.


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