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Originally posted by SkinWalker
I haven't received any complaints about them, nor have I noticed any violations that have gone uncorrected when I asked them to do so.
Consider this a complaint.

My PM and email works fine. As does that of all the Admins.
So it's a choice not to respond...

This is a flamewar and a trolling expedition (this thread on this page), and is therefore clearly against forum rules. The warning was issued by me. It is to all that have posted on this page. Further continuation of the flaming/trolling is a violation of that warning.
I still don't know what trolling is.

You don't have to like it. You can send your grievance to the Administrator of your choice (i.e. Kurgan). I recommend being more civil when writing to them, however.
Nah. I don't see why someone with the title Super Moderator under their name can't do something about it.

It's the same here as it is on the phone with the mortgage company -- it's all about passing the buck.
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