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STICKING TO THE TOPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clan Name : Zero Gravity
Clan Tag : <Z:G>

Leader : AgentZero~ and Phyr

Roster Size : No limit provided we're active and organized

PlatForm : PS2 only , in the United States .

Faction : All

Team Site :

We're a Clan that formed in Tribes:Aeriel Assault for the PS2 and we're almost 2 years old . T:AA is dead , but <Z:G> was one of the most active teams ever to be organized at .
We're TWL vets and we're looking for good people !
We're looking for good teammates , skill is secondary to being a decent person .
Membership granted after a trial period of a week or so .
We're looking to be very active and we will be competitive .
We don't bicker , we don't backstab , we're toobusy getting in games to have time for silly stuff like feuding .
We're in Halo2 , Area51 , and maybe TimeSplitters 3 as well .

I am the Agent , my name is Zero .
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