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Leaders: JAG_Freeze, JC_Fett
Faction: All 4
Systems: PC
Squads: 4 (Max of 16 people in each, squad numbers will increases with more recruits)
Timezone:Worldwide, members spread across the world, always someone to play.
How to join: Signup on the website, application will be processed.
Members in BF already: 50+
Games we play: SWBattlefront, Star Wars: Galaxies, Jedi Knight Outcast and Acadamy, Galactic BattleGrounds and Clone Campaigns, X-Wing Alliance.
Open to all skill levels!

DS has been around since Janurary 2001. DS' first primary game was X-Wing Alliance! This section is still going although not in the capacity as it once was. The fact that this game is still played shows the dedication and the love for gaming DS members have.
We don't tolerate abuse and harrasment from other clans and we do have a code of conduct that we ask people to follow to make everyone's gaming life great! You are quite welcome to play in the other sections once a member of Battlefront and if you ever have a problem there is always someone on who can help you out!

Check us out!
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