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Abbreviation: eW.(Name).k
Staff: Droniac, Sagi & Navix
Faction: All - we're a competitive clan, not a RP-clan
System: PC
Country: The Netherlands (GMT+1)
Current Membercount: 3
Current Recruitcount: around 5
History: We're the remake of the old Jedi Knight 2/Jedi Academy clan "Dutch Jedi Masters". This highly succesful, unbeaten, Siege clan returns for Battlefront with a portion of it's original members & it's complete Staff.
Type of Clan: We're a clan that strifes to seek the perfect balance between fun & competivity.

  • To become a highly competitive force in the Battlefront community - able to compete in the highest regions of all european and/or worldwide competitions.
  • To create a great Dutch clan - with an atmosphere much like that of the old Dutch Jedi Masters clans (very friendly & funny, whilest still being extremely competitive)
  • To help better the Battlefront community, by aiding the various competitions with our extensive in-game knowledge and by promoting the game as a spectator-friendly competitive enviroment, with a definite possibility for a e-Sporting future.
  • To build a new well-run Dutch gaming-community, eventually expanding towards other games.
  • To become a major competitor in various LAN's featuring Battlefront competitions.
  • To attract sponsors and possibly help gaming as a whole become more recognized as a highly-competitive sport of sorts.

Our website is currently under construction - until it's finished you can visit our forum (link on top of this post) for more information.

clan eW.k

eW.k Staff member & general PR-Manager
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