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Asgardried Bridge

*Gerd was just about at the bridge when door opened and Heimdall exited*

Heimdall: Looking for me?

Gerd: Yup, there a strange creature in the cargo hold. Idun is doing something with it.

Heimdall: Ahh, well come along, Marin and Raschel just arrived and by the looks of it they have something important to say.

Gerd: Ok.

*Gerd takes the lead and heads towards the entrance way. About half way there Heimdall suddenly pauses as if something struck him. Gerd took a couple more steps before realizing that Heimdall wasn't following, She turns to look behind her just as Idun rounded a corner and came upon them.

Idun quickly noticed something was amiss in Heimdall be his stance and the look in his face. In a few strides she is standing next to him, her eyes examining his face. She puts a hand on his shoulder and gently shakes*

Idun: Heimdall? Is something wrong?

*Her words seem to knock him out of his revere, he shakes his head and looks at Idun*

Heimdall *letting out a short sigh*: It won't be very long now, but there is still some time and we have some immediate things to take care of. I trust everything is alright in the cargo hold?

Idun: For now, I'll tell you more later.

Heimdall: Alright, come on I'm sure this is something we all should hear.

*The three continue towards the Entranceway, Heimdall showing no signs that anything had happened. Gerd looked a little confused but that quickly subsided. A minute later the three joined Svafa and the others at the entrance*

Heimdall: What is it Raschel?

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