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Aidan followed Heimdall shortly, looking somewhat tired but saying nothing.

"I have quite a bit to tell," Raschel said. "There’s someone out here hunting us.

"I was walking down a mostly-deserted street when I heard a commotion from one of the houses. I went to investigate, and I overheard a conversation between two beings, both humanoid. One appeared mostly human and called himself 'Cyrus Duncan'. The humanoid had an unusually scarred face and called himself 'Sejhan'. They spoke in Basic.

"The first thing I overheard was Duncan asking Sejhan where his men were. Sejhan claimed they fled out of fear. Duncan did not believe him and accused him of frightening them off or killing them. Sejhan first denied this, then admitted to it. He told Duncan that his men were a liability.

"Duncan asked Sejhan how he could have a crusade without crusaders. Sejhan replied that he was not asking Duncan for a crusade, just for him to kill 'one little baby Jotun'. He said something strange about crying out loud, and asked, 'You’ve done this already how many times?'

"Duncan replied saying that 'the offspring of Thiazi' – apparently his target – would be a very powerful creature. He was unable to kill this Thiazi in the past. He stated that the prophecies Sejhan himself had obtained said that it is by this child’s power that the galaxy has come to this state, and by this child’s power it will be destroyed.

"Sejhan told him that he was reading too much in between the lines. Duncan’s target – a girl, it seems – is only about ten to eleven years old. He stated, 'This is a nip-it-in-the-bud mission. Kill the demon child before she can grow up and finish off everything.'

"Duncan asked why Sejhan had deprived him of his soldiers if there was so little danger. Sejhan stated that he was the only one in this galaxy capable of killing the Jotun. He said Duncan’s men would have been useless even as cannon fodder, that the Jotun’s protectors would have finished them off before he could say 'bad idea'.

"Duncan replied that he had armed his soldiers against Jotuns, and that certainly some would have died, but they would have matched blow for blow, death for death. Sejhan told him that the Jotun child was not with other Jotuns. This came as a surprise to Duncan, and angered him.

"Sejhan told him that his target was with a group of 'fanatic mystics'. He said they believed they could restore the galaxy by finding an ancient legendary power. He said that these people have been carting this child around for the past eight months. Is any of this starting to ring some bells? And no, I’m not finished."

Raschel looked around at the group, eyes focusing especially on Heimdall, Gerd, and Idun.

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