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Guy stood against the Asgardried's hull, staring off into the distance. At the name "Cyrus Duncan" he twitched briefly, but said nothing.

Raschel continued.

"There's more, Hal.

"Sejhan said that this Jotun was separated from the rest of her kind in the Holocaust. He said he'd expected the other Jotuns to have retrieved her by now, and he hadn't wanted to make things 'murkier' for Duncan.

"Duncan replied that Jotuns were pure evil personified, so he had no problem killing those who wished to align themselves with one. He mentioned that he had killed many Sith. Sejhan told him that her protectors were not Sith, that they believed themselves to be 'really nice guys'. He said the Jotun's protectors would probably think of her as an adorable little girl. He said Duncan had never killed innocents.

"Duncan said that he wasn't a fool, and he understood war, and that there could be no pity for 'innocents who use themselves as a willing shield for evil'. This evil must die, he said, and so will anyone who stands in the way of his 'justice', no matter their motives. Sejhan apologized for underestimating him.

"The two seemed to come to an agreement after this, and Duncan left the house to get a drink. At the time I thought he hadn't seen me, so I left as quietly and quickly as possible and headed back here.

"In the marketplace nearby I heard the sounds of struggle from a side street, and came upon Duncan holding a canteen of water over Marin's face. She appeared to be suffocating."

She paused and looked at Marin, who was still in the form of a bird. Marin looked back, then spoke in thought speech. <I guess I forgot to mention that to everyone... I naturally breathe water.>

"I tried to pull him off her," Raschel continued. "He tossed me away as if I weighed nothing. He took a long, sharp, greenish-glowing metal object and pricked Marin with it, then me. It didn't penetrate my mithril armor, but the glow seemed to transfer onto my body, and I lost consciousness.

"I woke cuffed to a chair. Marin was in a bathtub filled with water. At the time I thought she was dead. Duncan was sitting in front of us. He told me it was obvious that I was not familiar with mud elves. Or "Amnaer". He said he had first thought Marin was my servant or slave, and he still thought our presence in the same dimension at the same time was suspicious. He apparently recognized that Marin was an outsider. He seemed to think I was as well. I don't know why.

"Then Marin woke up and called me by name." She looked at Marin again. "You said you'd been...out of water too long? Then Sejhan appeared. By appeared, I mean he came into existence out of thin air, as if he were a ghost.

"Sejhan was very agitated on seeing Marin and I, asking Duncan if he knew who we were, and calling us the 'enemy'. He said he appreciated Duncan's initiative, but that his timing was bad. Apparently 'other' mystics had told him that 'the timetables' were 'bad news'. He asked Duncan to hide us, but took no action himself.

"Duncan asked Sejhan if we were among the 'group of mystics' that was 'protecting the evil one'. Sejhan told him yes. Marin told them that they must have us confused with someone else. I told her not to say anything, and Duncan told me 'So, while your friend the Amnaer seems to be innocent in this, clearly you are not.'

"He then stood and said that he must be going. He told me he knew what I had heard, and that he had a message for me to take to my leaders.

"The message was this:

"'I know what you harbor. I am Cyrus Duncan, slayer of demons. I have waited thirty-five thousand years for my vengeance, and now I am coming for you.'

"He then walked out, and Sejhan vanished into thin air without saying another word. We came back here as quickly as possible."

She stopped speaking, and looked pointedly and questioningly at Heimdall, Idun and Svafa.

((Sorry for the length, everyone. ))

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