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((OOS: Gah. Lots of people talking at once.

Deac: Good. It should.

edit: Oops, Ritchet didn't change into a bird...XD *Cuts first sentence*))

Raschel stared at Ritchet. "Who are you?"

"Its name is Ritchet," Guy answered. "It will be staying with us for the time being. Ritchet, we can talk about your 'Sage Haan' aboard the ship."

He turned and began to slowly walk back towards the Asgardried.

"In case you haven't noticed," he added over his shoulder, "this universe doesn't have much left to destroy."

Misae looked sharply at Hal as he spoke, and her eyes flickered briefly over the Aesir on their way back to Tanara. "Yes," she said. "Come with us, Tanara. Help is something we've been short on lately."

Marin ruffled her feathers at Sir-vin's question. <I'll demorph later.>

She directed a message in private thought-speech to Heimdall, in a wry tone. <You wouldn't happen to have an especially large aquarium stashed away somewhere, would you?>

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