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{SoE} Servants of the Empire

Clan Name: "Servants of the Empire"
Clan Initials: {SoE}

Stedde (MSN Messenger: )

Clan Website:

Current Members: 30+

Platform: PC

Faction: Imperial

We've been around since the game "Xwing Alliance". We always play the new games and when Jedi Academy launched, we were one of the first dominant clans to really get in there and play.

We look forward to the launch of this awesome game and we'll be recruiting a lot. We've already got our server ready for the game, so if you need a place to play before most of the servers are up, check our website and you should be able to find a game. Everyone is always welcome to hang out. We love role playing and challenging other clans. We plan to be competitive from the start.

*S* {SoE}Stedde

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