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Force: Force Jump 4, Grip 5, healing 2, Lighting 3, Reflexs 7, speed 8.


Race: Human

Gender: Male

Equipment: Orange Lightsaber, Black Jedi robes.

Back Ground Info: Is a young Jedi Under the training of Master Arkantos Marak. Kaster's parents were killed by 2 Jedi with strrange ancient bronze armor. Kaster escaped. With his father's lightsaber, Kaster swore revange. After running threw the endless deserts of Tatioone (where he lived) he feel knocked out. Kaster was taken by a slave seller by the name of Jedash. A person in Jedi robes bought Kaster because he saw that Kaster had a lightsaber and sensed great force in him. The Jedi took Kaster to an Old Jedi Temple and teachs Kaster the ways of the Jedi.

Apperance: 5'6, Brown eye, dark green eyes, Black Jedi suit.

Ship:Shares a ship know as the 'Ebon Hawk' (It is similar to the Falcon but it looks cooler and isn't as fast)
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