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The Bearded Alliance (TBA)

Leaders Lord Jerec
System: Xbox
Faction: Mostly Empire/Seps
TimeZone: GMT London
Language: English, Wookie and Huttese
Current Member Count: 20
Official Website: WWW.TheBeardedAlliance.TK

I created the Bearded Alliance last October, I felt that on my other main Forums ( that there wasn't a real place that Sci-Fi/Fantasy peeps (aka = Beards) could hang out, meet up and play games, so I created TBA.

Started out with 3 members and then as people suddenly begun to "come out of the closet" as it were and openly admit to being a Beardy nerd and now we have 20 members and regularly play Xbox Live, main games are: Burnout 3, Rainbow 6 BA, Steel Battalion: LoC, Wolfie and Counter Strike.

I think we are all getting this game, as we were made for this game...ok, we were actually made for True Fantasy Live Online, but that was canned, so this was next!

Hopefully see you all next week!

Leader of The Bearded Alliance (TBA) and soon-to-be ruler of the Galaxy!

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