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[5] The Five Elements of Destruction (mature)

The Five Elements of Destruction

Leaders: Ewog, fl0w (SW:BF)
System: PC
Faction: All
TimeZone: All American
Language: English
Official Website:

A PC gaming clan of a few different titles has recently opened the gates to gain members for our SW:BF faction. We are a mature gaming crew with aspirations to get into some competitive play with the Star Wars Gaming League. We aren't a huge gaming clan, just something small and we have a tight group of players. If something "familiar" is something that you would like to join, then come on by.

If Teamwork, Skill, Strategy, Goal, and Determination are your attributes, then drop on by and post in our forums. We have our own dedicated box with a few games running at all times, and we also use TeamSpeak.

You can also reach us by irc on #5od

Our server: 5 [Recruiting] -TPF- SW:BF
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