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For Hoth:

I got on a live game last night on PC...didn't know anyone, just picked one at random...happened to be on Hoth. My tip for hoth (either side) is this: Snowspeeders are your best friend. Almost to the point of being cheesy. I'm a relative FPS newbie, and I owned for a good long time form my speeder while teammates captured posts. Spend time in singleplayer learning to fly, turn, adjust speed, and you'll be untouchable. Never had the chance to get a co-pilot so we could tow cable an at-at, but saw teammates do it....WAY faster than taking it down with blasters (although vanguards do surprisingly well even against at-ats). Snowspeeders chew up footmen and are pretty gooad against AT-STs too if you make several passes and know how and when to fly evasively.
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