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suggestion list

(big sorted list: a few posts down)

some maybe pointed out already, but just to recap

The game is ace. It's just that i pull my hair out desperately trying to join a friends server, nothing works. nothing. Integrating with gamespy didnt turn out that good IMO.

a) what browser should display is

b) STOP BUTTON. I try to click on a server, but then 5 other server spawn etc. its impossible.

c) Make the scroll toolbar dragable. The little vertical bar at the right, would be nice if i could click on it and drag it all the way down and up. this is the only thing so far i noticed isnt there because the game is out for consoles as well.

e) direct ip connect didnt work back then, and i want to avoid the gamespy login thing. also on a lot of servers after the map is done and new wants to load, get the busy thing


a) damage blasters higher pls. I shoot for a long time at a guy just to notice someone else gets hgim with a rocket and then someone gets me with a rocket, no wonder ppl go rockets

future requests
a) voice taunts
(better) voice taunts please, with sound etc. The commands now arent too good though.
b) buddy system. The ability to add a buddy so you see his name in a different color on the radar and map. Extremely helpful feature
c) higher/lower feature in rep gunship. Instead of pointing the mouse up and going up i would love to have a "go up/down" button instead

ace game, just the browser is holding its ture mp power back

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