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Question How do u get Revans mask?

Originally posted by eidospsogos
well, let's see. i would define cheating as giving yourself something at a certain point in the game that you could not possibly have at that point in the game. like say mastery of one side of the force or another at the very beginning of the game when normally it would take at least finishing dantooine to achieve this. or say darth revan's robes, which you would not normally get until the star forge, which is pretty much the end of the game.

i am not the one who is looking down on those who cheat. i played through the game five times myself, before ever using a cheat code. it's just something that's fun to do AFTER you have fully explored all the options of the game.

but whether you want to call it an experiment or not, by the standards of the original game it is STILL cheating. you just do it with a module instead of a code. the only difference lies in semantics. call it what you will, it's cheating.

and i guarantee i have not missed any vital parts of the game. as i said above i completed the game several times from both alignment perspectives before i ever used a code. and it would be very easy to come up with a reason why the things allowed in your module could be the case.
after all you are revan, and you were once dark lord of the sith. but, by the original game plot, you have no real way to remember this yet. so to allow yourself options such as these in the beginning of the game, that should only be allowed once those memories have been returned to you, is cheating.
I agree. i also have beaten the game a few times. I found alot of secrets but still how do u get revans mask? I mean i got his robe at the Star Forge but were in the hek is the mask? Maybe if u can tell me wat the name of it is and i could try to see if u could cheat to do it but if u cant thats alrite. I dont even no if it exists but ive seen picture of it on da iternet. try to find out thx dude.

Darth Revan
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