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Re: How do u get Revans mask?

lordrevan686 please don't spam a thread with multiple posts asking the same thing as the moderators don't take too kindly to it. Just delete the extras and keep one.

Originally posted by lordrevan686
I agree. i also have beaten the game a few times. I found alot of secrets but still how do u get revans mask? I mean i got his robe at the Star Forge but were in the hek is the mask? Maybe if u can tell me wat the name of it is and i could try to see if u could cheat to do it but if u cant thats alrite. I dont even no if it exists but ive seen picture of it on da iternet. try to find out thx dude.
To answer your question, there is no Darth Revan's Mask in the normal game, the picture you saw probably came from a mod. There is a Sith Mask, but no Revan's Mask.

I made one that gives you the Revan's Robe with Hood, Cape, and Mask. The Revan/Sith/Bastila's Item Pack, the item named Darth Revan's Robes I, you would get them on Dantooine on Nemo's corpse. It is available from my mod site the link is in my sig.

There are several other Revan Mods out there as well... try looking here for a ton of great KOTOR Mods.

I hope this helps!

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