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I might write one soon for the Historical Campaign for both eras starting with Clone Wars.

EDIT: OK here is the Clone War one for Naboo Plains-

As you start choose the spawn point that has the AAT. Spawn as a Heavy Weapons Droid and get into an AAT. Drive it inside the shield and start firing at the machines on the creatures backs. This is the weak point for it. If your AAT is about to explode get out of it and start firing your rockets at the animal. Tale out one of them and you will bring down the shield. These animals are also spawn points so take them both down quickly. It may take a few tries to get them both down or A.I buddies may take them down.

Once they are both destroyed head to the nearest spawn point where most of the droid A.I will be. It is very advised if you be a normal soldier when you are up to this part. When this Control Point(CP) is taken over head to the next nearest one. Take this one CP over and head to the last one. Once you have taken this CP you can just try and get CP's that have been recaptured by gungans or just try and kill other gungans. Or you could just wait to the Victory Timer reaches zero.

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