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bugs etc:

In SP, when i played historical it wouldnt remember my brightness settings when i click on restart mission. Actually, in the brightness bar it would be correct; but display something else unless i click on the bar again

-When in (sniper) zoom mode, you'll still have the scope when the VICTORY appears

-Air vehicles (like air speeders, xwing) shoudn't be able to slow down and shoot infantry easily (looks ridiculous as well, except republic gunship). Just a lil balance issue

-TAB menu. I'd like to be able to click on it an dsee the scores while runnign etc; or when in the respawn interface (countdown...). Also, perhaps be able to always see the KILLS/DEATHS/CP bar in the left of the screen

-After it says a server is full, it displays the in-game browser for a second, and then back to JOIN/CREATE. I would like to have it go to the browser instead

-PING: rather have it in numbers if possible

-make crouch and prone affect aim (better aim). otherwise it doesnt really have any advantage (still easy to hit, and when going in prone cant shoot and its slow)

-different speed for classes (even if its slightly), scouts go faster (since they got weaker need a little advantage to run away) and heavy weapons slower (so they're not as fast as infantry, and cant be easily used against infantry).
A blaster is less heavy than a big rocket pack

-Balance again; heavy weps should be strong against vehicles but weaker against infantry. turn down infantry splash damage?

-bottom of list: jedi fight each other. Even though this would be really kewl i know its asking much, and the other points deserve more attention in my opinion.

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