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-Air vehicles (like air speeders, xwing) shoudn't be able to slow down and shoot infantry easily (looks ridiculous as well, except republic gunship). Just a lil balance issue

Though the vehicles are on repulsors, I heavily agree with this especially because the effect of missiles on vehicles is relatively weak. Around two hits generally kills but you can easily miss even a vehichile moving slowly. The lock-on tracking behavior is horrible. I'm a decent shot now, but I've missed in the past being locked on, holding my reticle over the vehicle but strafing away, the missle shot right by the vehicle! The vehicles can accelerate away. Any vehicle that remains moving every second or so will almost never get hit by missiles.

There definitely needs to be a balance of vehicle armor vs. missile troops. For instance, the Rebel tanks on Dune Sea can annihilate Imp missile troops. It's basically a race. If the Imps destroy the tanks and push their advantage early enough, they can win. If they don't, the Rebels will spawn kill them till their RI are gone.

-PING: rather have it in numbers if possible

A text overlay over the bar would be nice.

-make crouch and prone affect aim (better aim). otherwise it doesnt really have any advantage (still easy to hit, and when going in prone cant shoot and its slow)

This definitely needs some tweaking. People go prone doesn't REALLY make them any less shootable because they can't move. The lower profile doesn't help. So many people go prone on Cloud City halls. I just stay up and strafe back and forth and headshot them. Shooting someone who is prone is almost always a headshot. People who are crouched/prone should be able to roll away and back.

I think the classes do have different speeds. I was noticing in SP today that the rifle troop was running away from me when I was a rocket troop but I only noticed this once. If there isn't a movement speed differential, there should be.

Another suggestion:
Auto-kick on players who TK a given # of players (which could be a variable that admins set). A good number of max team-kills would be ~4.

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