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I'd like to see...

-The rebel sniper have a figure more like Laura Croft. Come on, if we are gonna look at her, give us something to look at!

OK, I'll completely joking about that one! sorta. What I'd really like to see is

-The team listing be two columns side by side, when you hit TAB.

I hate hitting tab and seeing one long list of players. I have no idea if the teams are even. Can't compair them side to side. Plus I'm not gonna scroll through to see my name on the list when I just wanna look real quick. The team list just annoys me as is now.

-Server info button/command

When i'm on a server playing a few rounds and a friend comes along, I never remember the name of the server I'm on. It would be nice to pull up the server name and/or IP, maybe some other info as well. I know you can just use xfire, but I'd really like to see this feature.

-Better voting system.

In the game Savage, when you vote to kick or mute someone, it tells you to hit F1 for yes or F2 for now. How do we vote in this game again? Also I like how Savage votes are based on who actually votes, not how many are on the server.

-Spectate mode

...would be great. I'd like to see what's going on in the game before hand, or sit as a spec whil afk for a bit. Did someone already say that?
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