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LAN Game option

LAN game option -
Does this mean the game is available only to LAN clients or is available to LAN clients, in addition to Internet clients?

If LAN game is not selected, I am unable to join from my workstation on the LAN.
However, I want to make sure my friends can also join in from the Internet.

Anyone else with a similar setup, please post.

I'm also still in the dark regarding the earlier post about ports and protocols.

Is 3658 the only open port needed for Internet play and is UDP the only protocol allowed on port 3658?

I agree, they should work on the unusually large resolution needed to open the server interface.
Who runs a file/print/app server at 1280x1024 res?
No option to minimize it either.
I had to connect a 17 inch LCD to mine in order to see it all.

It's a cool game, a total ripoff of BF1942, but still cool.

I really wish Lucasarts would show a little support and try to help people trying to host with a few decent mod/edit/server tools and some decent documentation.

They are probably all sitting around watching the bucks roll in from sales, going "this is our half-life, finally!".

Little do they realize that half-life was a good game, but the community is what made it great game.
Not mention making $ale$ last for $ix year$ after relea$e.

Without the Lucasforums, I think this game wouldn't have half the popularity.

So thanks Lucasforums, from a fan, for supporting it.

If anyone has some help for my questions, please post.
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