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Evil Coder LOL
My name is Brian Linder Owner and operator of
Candlestick Computing in Western Ohio
My company has been around for a little over 5 years
In my spare time I like to play games. Joint Operations
Being my favorite, I hooked up with the No Limit gamming clan
About a year ago! Great bunch of guys. Nolimit started back in
the battle Zone days so they have acquired a lot of members over
the years. I have not picked up Starwars Battlefront yet but several
have in our clan. To give them Remote access to the server is not
an option so I created SWBFRAW32

The Beta version of the server will give you easy access to some of
the extra commands. One feature I really like is if Auto restart is
selected And the game crashes SWBFRAW32 will auto recover
and restart the server

I wanted to share with this group after all I got a lot of my information
from this site and its my way of saying thank you!
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