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My specs:

AMD Athlon 2400XP+ (2 Ghz)
256 mb pc133 ram
ATI All-in-Wonder 9600 (128 mb DDR) video card
Soundblaster Live! soundcard
DX 9.0c
latest catalyst drivers (no betas)
DSL connection (256k or 384k I don't remember)

I played my first "real" online game today (with the new 1.01 patch) and it was choppy as heck when there were 16 people playing (no bots, no Jedi, just humans). From the time it was 2 players to 16, my ping jumped from 170 ms to 270 ms. This was on the server that had the best ping to me, period (four out of five green bars IIRC), and was with the in-game browser, not gamespy.

I agree, more patch fixes are needed...

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