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Originally posted by G.A. Thrawn
The Jedi's can be killed and removed from battle with heavy weapons and vehicle turrets, however don't fire at them but either the ground in front of them or a wall if they are near one. Any direct attack will be blocked or have little effect. Eventually they won't get back up and dissapear. On Geonosis the Republic AT-TE's pilot gun should take out Count Dooku in about 10 to 15 hits using splash damage on the ground.
Really? Wow, I need to try that. I gave up after maybe a dozen shots (didn't count, just a guess) since their health never went down (always saw that blue flash though as if it was some "heal" power, dunno), they would just keep getting back up. I only have the PC version to play of course...

Update: Okay, I don't think it's possible. I launched an MP game by myself (with only the Jedi as company) on Geonosis. I expended my entire arsenal of Wheel droid missiles (and plenty of lasers) on Dooku and his health never went down. Likewise I shot him dozens of times with the LAAT main guns, and the double "superlaser" beams as well as pounding him with missiles (though he pushed back all the missiles that didn't miss him, all the other shots hit). I even tried the Spider Droid's superlaser and blasters. Nothing! The AT-TE was my last hope, but the pilot gun (double green lasers) had no effect on him even after over 30 shots. The co-pilot canon I zapped him with over 15 times and still nothing.

The only way to kill Dooku or Windu on Geonosis seems to be the run-over method. I give up. ; )

PS: I also was messing around with the Jet Pack Trooper. Did you know you can fly straight up, as high as you can and when you run out of fuel, you'll survive the fall? It's amazing, this guy! However, I went as high as I possibly could on the map (You can't quite reach the highest rock spire, you hit an invisible ceiling) and drop from that height you do finally die. But still, quite impressive!

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