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Those who watched the teamxbox movies will remember that the guy came out of a vehicle, and the character would move around in "jump stance", even if he entered/exited another vehicle. I just had this again.

-Blasters faster. In the movies they move very fast, in SWBF its kinda slow, you need to lead a lot more etc..they should move a bit faster

-Save secondary weapon choice. As a pilot, i always run around with medpack selected in secondary weapon. When i die and respawn, its back to the fusioncutter. I'd like swbf to remember the last secondary weapon choice

-Health bar or at least a button to call for medic/ammo, and i can see an icon over their head. ATM as a pilot i dont see why i should run after em and beg em to accept my packs. If you include these icons i would heal em etc

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