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Originally posted by Alegis
When a jedi is behind you run to sarlacc and push him in with the speeder or let him drop from the kamino bridges (just with a nade, they'll fly high in sky and land in sea)

Basicly its best to let nades bounce from the wall under them (they only get nades that are directly to them) or just near them

However, i hardly played with jedi (maybe once) in MP and i'm grateful for that
Most servers have Jedi disabled, probably with the mistaken impression that Jedi are "too powerful" and "would unbalance the game" (when they are really just laughable novelties) or it's just the default setting and few people change the default settings.

Interestingly, in an Instant Action game I was playing (Theed, with Clone Wars factions), my team set up a huge offensive against Count Dooku. He stood there like a dork while multiple vehicles pounded him with weapons. Meanwhile a few guys wandered through the crowd firing rockets at him, and were run over or blown up by the various machines. So as far as the AI are concerned, they TRY to kill the Jedi (even though they are unable to).

So as a distraction, Jedi do serve a purpose, even in their buggy, goofy state.

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