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The Cantina Drinking Game!

I just saw one of these in a forward email about Star Wars, and found it can easily be adapted for our beloved Cantina thread!

Take one drink when/For every:

1]One of Deac's characters dies and returns to life somehow
2] Redwing uses a character not from the star wars universe
3]Two for anyone else doing so
4]A scene that's not even in the same sector as Tatooine
5]Admiral uses a character based on a Norse mythological figure
6]Battle between two major characters that both walk away from
7]Thread with a title that never quite comes to pass
8]Poster who mysteriously disappears
9]Whenever an avatar or other "Aege" appears
10] Whenever someone godmodes and completely gets away with it

Any more, feel free to add!

Don't forget...only a month or so until this year's HOLIDAY SPECIAL!!!! Muhahahahaha!

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