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#15 has never happened!

Neither has #18, which isn't so much funny as odd...>.> *chews on R15 curiously*

27) Redwing has a character explain something simple for two paragraphs or longer.
28) Redwing drags out a plotline for at least twice as long as is strictly necessary.
29) Redwing foreshadows something mysterious, then doesn't follow up until everyone else has forgotten all about it.
30) A character, any character, who is supposed to be a Jedi or Sith, acts totally unlike a Jedi or Sith.
31) One of Admiral's characters threatens someone.
32) Coruscant is attacked or under seige.
33) Scar uses a character with 'demonic' traits.
34) Five drinks whenever romance is mentioned.
35) Ten if it actually has something to do with the plot. (Family relations don't count.)
36) One of Deac's characters is revealed to be related to one of his other characters.
37) One of Redwing's characters is part of a group with a one-word title like "Blade", "Shadow", or "Vanguard".
38) Five drinks when a character is introduced that is not human in appearance.
39) A deadly battle, fight, or other situation where every major and minor character survives.
40) Two drinks for the above - plus many, many (or every) peripheral character/s involved bites the dust.

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