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As Rebels: Spwan at Echo Base wait for bot to get in a snowspeeder, when one does hop in. Make sure your the pilot (Make sure difficulty is on hard) Make strafing runs, until the AT-ATs get too close then make passes around them until the bot in the co-pilot seat shoots the harpoon, then wrap around(bots do shoot the harpoon).I've won as the Rebels 1 to 0, by saying in my speeder the whole time, I never died and got 83 kills!!!(so what if they were bots, it was on hard) I took down two AT-ATs with a bot Co-Pilot. The imperials had us down 12-1, the imps were coming down from capturing Echo Base, I saw them coming down the hill and I opened up....won 1-0.

As Empire: All the Bots naturally focus on the first base on the right of the Imperial spwan point, so capture the CP on the left then get two Stormtroopers to follow you (make sure it's on hard) to the shield generator, go by the gonk, throw concussion grenades at the SG and the bots will too, belive it or not it works real good, cause all the Rebels are focused on the first CP on the right. Then take Echo Base, Go down the Ice Caves, capture the CP called the "controls" then go through the Ice caves to the Last Rebel CP and slaughter them from behind!!!
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