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operation: drop ship

knowing this would take longer to explain mid game,so im gonig to tell my strat would be more effecint(sp) here would be better so here it goes
this is a strat for the republic on the bespin platforms mission. there should be 4 teams Alpha Bravo Charlie and Delta.
team A and B will consist of 1 pilot and 4 jet troopers team C will be 2 pilots and D will be what ever class is nessisary at the time.

Phase one Alpha will gather at the gunship on the left and Bravo will form up on the right gunship. Charlie will take 2 jedi starfighters and immedity(sp) take out all AA guns on at the enemy base. Delta will give the droids hell at the extractor(center CP) but will not take the CP i repeat do NOT take the CP if dealta does then give it up by phase 2.

Phase 2: with the AA guns destroyed Charlie will keep as many enemy fighters out of the air as possible whil teams aplha and Bravo will fly over the rear enemy CP's 1 gunship each. while flying at full speed over the CP the jet troopers will jump out over the CP(the reason they all have to be jets is for 2 reasons (1 they dont get hurt from the long drop, and 2 if the jump too late or too early they can use the jetpack mid fall to get back up to the platfrom.) Team Delta should have alrdy have the full attention of the droids on the bridge btw the republic base and the extractor.
Phase 3: the gunships will provide air cover for the jet troopers while they take the CP's. The rest of the teams should continue the objectives of phase 2.
Phase 4: with the rear droid CP's taken the pilots of Alpha and Bravo will pick up the survivers(hopefully none died) and will then take them to the roof of the 3rd CP on the driod's base the troopers will then jet down to the 2nd floor and run down to take the third CP with 8 Jt's it shouldnt be much of a problem if Dealta gave the driods the center CP so most of the droids will be there. after dropping the troopers off the gunships will cover the bridge to the extractor. team Charlie will keep the rear CP's from being taken from any droids that try during the lift from the rear CP's to the center one. Delta should still have the droids stalled on the bridge leading to the republic base.

Phase 5: with only the center CP left to the droids the republic should be able to crush the droids with little trouble.

well thats my first strat for a map try it out with a clan and it might work. just as a recap the teams should look like this

Alpha: 1 pilot 4 jet troopers 1 gunship
Bravo: 1 pilot 4 jet troopers 1 gunship
Charlie: 2 pilots 2 jedi starfighters
Delta: at least 3 PC's to hold off the droids any class you see fit for the job.good luck

Ghost-7117 out

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