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Question..just to be a pain in the keester. I haven't loaded the Holowan Plug-in, so when I went to edit my appearance .2da file to make this mod compatible...well...errrmm... OK OK I was lost (big surprise there huh? ) I'm not sure which lines are for this mod and which ones are for the plug-in...

Any ideas which line(s) were edited. I can do the legwork, comparisons, editing and such if I can just get the line numbers (of this mod).

I'm assuming the Darth_Twilek (#592) is part of this mod, and I noticed that the n_revan lines have different values than mine (is that for this mod or Holowans plug-in?)

OR to make this much easier, can I just add 'my' custom appearance.2da lines to this mod's? There's only 2 of them I have that isn't part of svösh's mods...

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