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Name: Zoric Bastar ( Dont blame me I always use this name)
Species: Mandalorian
Appereance: Hard to tell as he wears mandalorian armour 24/7. He basically has brown hair green eyes. Pretty tall and has lightly coloured skin.
Weapons: Mandalorian Heavy Blast Pistols x2, Modified vibro-sword, Modified Mandalorian Heavy Blast Cannon.
Bio: Zoric grew up on Mandalore and was quickly intruiged by bouty hunters. He read about them and meet them. When he was 16 he moved from Mandalore with his equipment and armour. He went to Tatooine and found a bounty that was worth it....

Zoric was in his ship and flying to Dantooine (dont worry it aint a Jedi). He landed on a port and found not many people liked Mandalorians. Zoric went around and saw his bounty but it was too crowded to kill him. So he waited until nightfall....

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