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Star Wars Battlefront

Is it just me or did the PANDEMIC ruin what would have been a great game.For the life of me I cant connect through ASE where at least I can get ping rates.The maps are way too small to fly around in.Control setup is like getting a tooth pulled(painful).Why cant control setup be more like BF1942 where it is a snack,also easier to pick primary and secondary weapons.You can tell its just a console game with the huge amount of bugs.At least now I get backdrops and water.Pandemic should hang their heads in shame and George Lucas should kick their backsides till they bleed, talk about a substandard product(how about developers listening to fans for a change instead of thinking about how much money they can make).I rarely play it because of the above problems,what a waste of $90 AUD.I will never buy a PANDEMIC product ever again.
I am a hardcore STAR WARS fan who was waiting so long for this game only to be ripped off.This game should have been more like BF1942 only in a STAR WARS universe,now that would have been awsome.Just goes to show how little understanding developers have of STAR WARS or of gamers.You blokes at PANDEMIC dont have a clue.At least you have a chance to fix the bugs with more patches I guess.I have warned some friends not to go near this game even though they are STAR WARS fans also.
What a waste of time,effort and money.
Thanks for nothing PANDEMIC you money hungry morons.

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