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I was playin' around with this last night T7, just got KOTOR installed on my new PC, and the Revan Mask and Saber is sweet! (I have altered the saber to be my Dark Jedi Canderous' saber, he needed a cool one)

Also knowing what you had to work with, and the possibly frustrating things that probably happened editing the Revan model that we will all probably never know... I would like to say... Wow!

That being said, there are 2 things that make the robes unusable for me;

First, the hood looks a little blown-up like a baloon, I know why you did this T7 because of headgear issues, so this isn't really a complaint as much as just astetically(sp?) disruptive to me, as I don't use headgear of any sort on my PC, so the stock hood has never really bothered me.

Second, the removal of the belt on the Male Revan Model turns it into just a hooded version of the stock Revan dress, I hate that stock dress look with a passion, the belt is what made it cool to go around in, it broke the Revan robes dress look up visually by adding an accessory in the midsection.

I guess all this means I'm old and set in my ways.

This is all just my, probably annoying at this point, 2 cents, and I don't want it to detract from what you have done here T7, I never thought the Revan Model could ever be changed at all, and you did it.

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