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Name:Jaden Randyll
Species:Kel Dor
Appearance:6'7" clad in red & black Mandalore armor,except for the fact that he doesn't wear a helmet.his hair is dusty blond with black streaks,and because his eyes were implanted with
Biotech he has unbelievable eyesight
Weapons:a lightsaber,dual blaster pistolsand a rocket launcher and a gauntlet,wrist launcher,dart shoooter and flamethrower.
Bio:Born on Mandalore and then captured by sith and forced to be trained but because of his uncontrollable anger,on Malastare he lashed out and killed his Master,and now carries his lightsaber as a trophy.and now he comes to Dantooine to hunt down a bountied bounty hunter...

As I pulled my Starfighter into the spaceport,I looked around at all the scum and villainy that surrounded me,"oh,crap...this'll be easy..."

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