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Originally posted by Katarn07
I think you're leaving out Metroid DS because that game looks spectacular. I think the PC can do everything you can do on a GBA better but the DS looks like it'd be just as good if not better.
Yes it looks good, and promises (AFAIK) to be an original. And maybe other FPS will be pretty good on the DS. But I still fail to be compelled to replay FPS on a handheld. Look at Doom I & II and Wolf 3D ... what is *their* appeal? If you've played them on a PC, the GBA version is a disappointment, and not worth playing. I can't see that Dark Forces would be any better, unfortunately ... not that I wouldn't buy it

I would like an original game in that same spirit, but since we know there are EpIII games on the horizon, I don't see it happening.


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