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Originally posted by EDJ
The hutt tosed them over
OOC:lol how?

I landed on Kamino and saw to strange looking guards...They looked like stormtroopers with odd helmets. They came over to my ship and I "pushed" them off the edge of the Platform. I attached my laser cutter. I cut a hole big enough for me to pass through and i went through. I saw more guards running down the hall. I took off the Attachment and shot with my Arm Cannon. I killed about four. THe others fired. I ran are them and hit them with my fist and Arm Cannon. They went flying down the Hall. I found my destination. I attached my laser cutter again and opened a hole. Inside i found who i was looking for. I grabbed him by his neck and dragged his out. When i was outside on the platform i found my ship blown into small bits. So i jumped down a few levels into the Garage. There I found a ship that would suit the purpose. I through the Long-neck into the cargo hld and began to fly the strange ship.

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