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Name: Revan Solo
Species: Human
Age: 24
Armor: Only clothes
Weapons: Lightsaber, assault rifle, two blaster pistols

He was a jedi padawan for 10 years but when he was on Tatooine with his master, he was captured by some bounty hunters. At first he was very helpless but then the guys who captured him became friends and they teached him how to be a bounty hunter.
For 2 years they were killed by Tusken Raiders and he had to walk his own way. He went to Corouscant.
He never killed good people till now cause he is a bounty hunter of the republic. So he only killed Separatists or criminals.
Till yesterday he had a job on Camino. The Jedis told him to look for informations about the new tactics of the enemies.

Now he was back on Corouscant and he didn't know what to do till tomorrow, when he is going to tell the jedis from his results. But the problem is that he has no results. It is staggering for him.
He thinks he will get a drink at Bilbo's Cantina. Bilbo will understand him cause he is an old friend.

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