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To start with I am a jedi.. I looked at him with inquisitive eyes. A what-i?. A Jedi...When the Republic was still around we defended it with all are might..Guess you did'nt try hard enough huh?. We failed...We were tricked into fighting for are enemy which destroyed us.. Ok well this has been a nice chat but either you come with me dead for alive...Your choice.. Well if money is your aim ill pay you twice as much as that scum who sent you.. Of course i did'nt belive him.Right. Like an old man in a hut has 50,000 credits Actually i have way more than that...You see i was ounce an evil Jedi...But one day the second baddest person in the universe helped me become a good jedi...Job paid well Ok then old man...Prove it. The Old man walked over to a box and typed in a code. He opened the door and to my amazment i saw hundreds or 50,000 credits...Here you are..Just promise me that after you kill are good friend you will come back here.. I took the money and swore on my sith blood.....


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