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Haven't been on Lucasforums for a while (since playing Jedi Academy), but started playing Battlefront this week.

I've played through the clone campaign without problems, but can't get past the Endor mission on this campaign.

The thing is, is taking out the shield generator all that useful? It seems to take bloody forever (often I spend the entire match trying to take it out), and I still have to kill everyone after that. I've tried using a wookie to time-bomb it (which works pretty well), but getting back in a second time to complete the job is a bit of a pain. The orbital strike thing doesn't seem to work. I've used that, but no damage was dealt.

I've also tried to win through pure attrition, but the imperial forces have the advantage in terms of tickets, and I simply can't kill enough of them to win (I usually get about 60 kills and 10 deaths).

Capturing seems pointless (forgive the pun) as the AI troops don't support your position. I end up facing overwhelming odds with no backup and die.

All the other maps are relatively easy for me. I just can't figure out why Endor is so darn difficult.

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